Saturday, August 26, 2006

I forgot to do a thing

It seems like I left this pretty vacant for a while. Oops...? To be honest, I've kinda been out of the paintball scene for the past few months. Hadn't played since late spring, and sold off most of my gear at the beginning of summer. I've been really busy and poor for most of the time, that's not so hot for paintball...oh yeah, hot. It's basically been insanely hot here in North Carolina for the past few months. I played the other day, and I tell you: dehydration ain't no cookie. I drank like 2 waters and 4 Propels and I still had a pounding headache at the end of the day. September is almost here though, so things'll be coolin' down soon.

So like I was sayin', I've been out of the loop for a while but I'm already getting back into the swing of things. For the most part, I really don't regret getting rid of any of my extra gear (with the exception of my was a really nice harness, a Dye C5 that I caught a really good deal on), and I still have all the essentials (mask, clothing, barrel swabs and covers, a few Revvys, a bunch of random crap still). In terms of guns, I have my Phantom and a Tigershark. Yep, just pumps...but I already have more stuff on the way :)

I managed to swing a very nice profit on Ebay, so that's funding my current gear-whore run (some of it, the rest goes towards savings because I hear that "responsibility" is in this year). I ordered myself an HPA tank first. I got a Crossfire screw-in, because I really trust them and their products. I opted for a 68/4500, I figure it's a really versatile size. It's a lot lighter than the 70/45 I had before, and longer which is kinda nice. I also want to get a 45/45 eventually, but I play scenario events (or intend to) pretty often, and it's nice to have that extra air. The 45 will suit nice for walk-on games though.

Interesting piece of info: since my bottle came in the mail, I've been keeping it on my lap while I'm at the computer here...I don't know why, I just realized this and put it back on the desk. This is kind of confusing.

Next: I was going to buy an Automag, then start to put a few bucks into it here and there to make it a good marker for rec and scenario play. I want something that I can always just pull out and "go" with, no matter what and the Mag is a great gun to do that with. I intended on just buying one, but I got a really good deal on a pair of them. I'll build one up to keep, then use the other for projects or sell it if it is not forgotten. What would be really nice is a pump kit...a boy can dream. Anyways, waiting on them to arrive so I can start to get a semi going for now.

After that, I'll start to piece together a nice Sniper (or two!). I want one nice flashy looking one in vert feed, and a nice "beater" one that is converted to SC feed. I'm just going to put a Phantom feedblock on a right feed body if I go that route. I really liked the last Sniper I had, but there were just a few things about it that bothered me, so I'm building my own. I like the fact it has more heft than the Phantom does, I feel I play a lot better with it because of that. Anyways, I want a vert feed for use with a loader. I'm not really that fond of right/left feeds and cheap plastic elbows, I personally like to have a center feed with a good feedneck. I also didn't like the fact that it was a 99, or the reg that I was also a heavy gun. I know I said I liked the weight, but it was just a little too much, I think I could build my own up with just the perfect balance for me. Uh...I could probably talk about this all day, but I'll spare you the details right now.

I might look into a decent high-end maybe...later? I'm thinking when tax returns come back.

Two scenarios I am going to for sure so far: MXS/Splatbrothers - The Western Front and Wayne's World Grand Finale. Will probably have a few more smaller ones strewn in too. Hopefully will be posting up more information when the time draws closer.

Okay, so if all goes right I should update this every once in a while now...I'll talk to you folks next time I do.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Just a few things:

Went out for a bit today. Teams were scrimmaging and playing X-Ball in the main field all day, and there really wasn't much rec.

First thing, the new E-Vents are great. If you like Flexes or Profilers, I highly suggest getting a pair.

I spent the day shooting the Ego for the most part. Got to try out a Cyborg, which was wasn't anything to write home about after using the Ego really, but I will say that it was a pretty sweet gun. Very light, comfortable and well balanced, and shoots very, very fast. Only gripes are that it's pretty tall and a bit bigger than what I'm used to. Nonetheless, a sweet gat.

That's all for now really. Not sure when I'll have another a week or so, I'd guess. Later.

- B

Saturday, April 22, 2006

launch and jim drew

Okay, here's the launch of this blog. My goal is to update every once in a while with whatever I have to complain about in the world of paintball. I figure it's better than spamming forums and my personal blog with this kind of stuff. And here's the disclaimer: What I say here are my opinions and my take on things, which is obviously not going to be right along with everyone elses. So if I offend you, then, well...feel free to let me know (preferably in a civil manner), but for the most part; oh well. That's the point to this, I have to push someone's buttons, and if it's yours today, it may be their's tommorow (no, I'm not Jay Smackowski. Same idea, though).

And yeah, I'm starting off already. First thing on today's plate: Jim Drew and WAS. Nobody take this personally, but he is an idiot. What in the world is he doing? I'm mainly referring to this "Wicked Solenoid" of his. It's a MAC valve that he slapped his name on. Go ahead and read up from the link up there real quick. See what I mean? For one, I know for a fact that they also work with the Lucky boards as well. I've heard rumors that they'll be working with others, too...we'll have to see.

What companies use MAC valves now, anyways? Hardly any. That's because comparatively, they're inefficient and terrible on batteries. They just aren't that practicle for use in paintball. Besides, 120 cycles per second? Supposing that we could even feed paint that fast, or even near that fast...why? There is either a physical or virtual cap on BPS almost everywhere, so...why do you need that? Is your Humphrey 'noid not doing it for you? Funny, seems to me that there isn't really a problem with solenoids in the industry. Oh, but not according to Mr. Drew. Apparently, we have caught up to ourselves with loaders, boards, and physics, so the problem with advancement in technology MUST be the solenoids. Right.

As far as I see, it's a nearly useless product; though the price honestly isn't too bad. However, I think I'd prefer to take a more conventional and well traveled route. I'll give them credit for trying something, atleast...kudos there, I suppose. But when they have claims like this on their site:

"Anything faster, cheats... which is why more and more players are coming back to WAS after trying something that has gotten them penalized or suspended from tournaments. Unlike the "competition", no player using Wicked Air Sportz products has ever received a marker penalty."

Yeeeeaaahh....about that...last I heard, the Equalizers were definitely not known for having horrible bounce and cheating issues...right...

My father got one of the new Equalizers for his A-5 (for whatever reason...he didn't even realize it, as far as he knows, he just bought an E-Grip). Took me a while to get it set up actually, mainly because I had to rip the RT out (got an RT for sale though, if anyone is interested) and then I ran into a problem. For whatever reason, the gun was still mechanically tripping the sear. But even moreso, it wasn't tripping it and releasing it, it was keeping it held down. In case you don't know that this means in a blowback, it's pretty much a full-auto effect...striker keeps hitting the valve, there's nothing to stop it, so it hits it again...essentially makes it into a blender and whatnot. People used to (and still do) sometimes gimp out blow-backs to do this, mostly for show.

Anyways, I had to toy around with the trigger to stop it from doing this. Nothing bad, just took a little bit off the back real quick. I don't see any side effects to this right now. I was going to play around with the trigger and switch some more, but by this time I was pretty tired of it. If I have time later this week I'll do that. I think I'm going to mess with the board a bit tommorow and see what kind of stuff it can do, if nothing else.

Speaking of tommorow, I'll be going out and playing. Heading down to Real McCoy's Paintball in Princeton, North Carolina. I'm thinking of mostly playing stock class tommorow, but I may whip out a semi for some games. Weather is looking to be hot and's that time of year. Oh, they're supposed to have E-Vents in stock. With luck, I'll be able to pick a pair up. I just got a spare pair of Profilers, too, but I figure I might let one of them go if I can get my hands on some of them babies.

As of right now, I'm not registered for any tournys, and the only roster I'm actually on doesn't really ever play, agent here. Not really looking for anything, but let me know if you need someone for a day or two.

In terms of scenarios, I think the nearest one I'm looking at may be D-Day again up at Skirmish USA in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania this summer. There is a smaller local one at Black River Paintball that is being ran by Team Bebop, some friends of mine. They're really good guys that put on a good game, and I really suggest stopping by any playing if you're in the area. I think the date is set late May...I'll post up more info in a while.

Live in the Southeast or Mid-Atlantic and play scenario or recball in general? Some friends may be setting something up in the next while here for you...I'll post some more information when I get it.

I think that's all for tonight. I assume that I'll eventually come up with some cool closing line, but for now I'll just leave it at this I guess.

- B