Saturday, August 26, 2006

I forgot to do a thing

It seems like I left this pretty vacant for a while. Oops...? To be honest, I've kinda been out of the paintball scene for the past few months. Hadn't played since late spring, and sold off most of my gear at the beginning of summer. I've been really busy and poor for most of the time, that's not so hot for paintball...oh yeah, hot. It's basically been insanely hot here in North Carolina for the past few months. I played the other day, and I tell you: dehydration ain't no cookie. I drank like 2 waters and 4 Propels and I still had a pounding headache at the end of the day. September is almost here though, so things'll be coolin' down soon.

So like I was sayin', I've been out of the loop for a while but I'm already getting back into the swing of things. For the most part, I really don't regret getting rid of any of my extra gear (with the exception of my was a really nice harness, a Dye C5 that I caught a really good deal on), and I still have all the essentials (mask, clothing, barrel swabs and covers, a few Revvys, a bunch of random crap still). In terms of guns, I have my Phantom and a Tigershark. Yep, just pumps...but I already have more stuff on the way :)

I managed to swing a very nice profit on Ebay, so that's funding my current gear-whore run (some of it, the rest goes towards savings because I hear that "responsibility" is in this year). I ordered myself an HPA tank first. I got a Crossfire screw-in, because I really trust them and their products. I opted for a 68/4500, I figure it's a really versatile size. It's a lot lighter than the 70/45 I had before, and longer which is kinda nice. I also want to get a 45/45 eventually, but I play scenario events (or intend to) pretty often, and it's nice to have that extra air. The 45 will suit nice for walk-on games though.

Interesting piece of info: since my bottle came in the mail, I've been keeping it on my lap while I'm at the computer here...I don't know why, I just realized this and put it back on the desk. This is kind of confusing.

Next: I was going to buy an Automag, then start to put a few bucks into it here and there to make it a good marker for rec and scenario play. I want something that I can always just pull out and "go" with, no matter what and the Mag is a great gun to do that with. I intended on just buying one, but I got a really good deal on a pair of them. I'll build one up to keep, then use the other for projects or sell it if it is not forgotten. What would be really nice is a pump kit...a boy can dream. Anyways, waiting on them to arrive so I can start to get a semi going for now.

After that, I'll start to piece together a nice Sniper (or two!). I want one nice flashy looking one in vert feed, and a nice "beater" one that is converted to SC feed. I'm just going to put a Phantom feedblock on a right feed body if I go that route. I really liked the last Sniper I had, but there were just a few things about it that bothered me, so I'm building my own. I like the fact it has more heft than the Phantom does, I feel I play a lot better with it because of that. Anyways, I want a vert feed for use with a loader. I'm not really that fond of right/left feeds and cheap plastic elbows, I personally like to have a center feed with a good feedneck. I also didn't like the fact that it was a 99, or the reg that I was also a heavy gun. I know I said I liked the weight, but it was just a little too much, I think I could build my own up with just the perfect balance for me. Uh...I could probably talk about this all day, but I'll spare you the details right now.

I might look into a decent high-end maybe...later? I'm thinking when tax returns come back.

Two scenarios I am going to for sure so far: MXS/Splatbrothers - The Western Front and Wayne's World Grand Finale. Will probably have a few more smaller ones strewn in too. Hopefully will be posting up more information when the time draws closer.

Okay, so if all goes right I should update this every once in a while now...I'll talk to you folks next time I do.